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Elegant Women

Icon Rules:
- ALWAYS credit to mitlngoddessee
- NO direct linking..or I will bite your head off.
- DON'T edit textless icons.. I will do it for you.
- PLEASE comment if you like or if you take. I like to know who enjoys my icons!


// Anne Hathaway x4
// Kiera Knightly x2
// Natalie Portman (Padme) x1
// Reese Witherspoon x2
// Kate Winslet (Rose/Titanic) x1
// Kirsten Dunst x4

1.          2.          3.
4.          5.         6.
7.           8.             9.
10.      11.      12.
                      13.          14.

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Tags: elegant women, kate winslet, keira knightly, kirsten dunst, natalie portman, reese witherspoon
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